Fontana dei Cavallucci Marini
14/12/2019 Saturday 14/12/2019

Seahorse Fountain

Inauguration at Morandi Gardens

The restoration of the Seahorse Fountain was funded by entrepreneur Franco Bastianelli, owner of Hotel Raffaello.

Silvio Ceccarelli's work, which is now housed within the Morandi Gardens, was inaugurated in a public ceremony on Saturday, December 14, 2019.

The paving of the Piazza del Foro Annonario had to be repaired after wartime damage. The Municipal Administration decided to install a fountain not only to beautify the space, but also to provide water for the market and other uses.

The Fountain was inaugurated in 1953 and remained in the square for many years before being permanently relocated to its current location in the center of the Morandi Gardens.

The Fountain is made of travertine from the Marche region, produced at the time by the Ascoli Piceno firm "Matricardi e Angelini" and consists of polished and hand-hammered parts, while the upper decorations with figures of fish and seahorses are made of bronze. All of the components appear to be original.

“From the Municipal Archives”.

Cav. Franco Bastianelli, with the approval of the Municipal Administration, redeveloped the fountain and a portion of the Morandi Gardens in 2019.

We would like to thank Raffaello Hotel and all of the collaborators who helped with the redevelopment.

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