Best in Travel 2020
15/08/2020 Saturday 15/08/2020

Best in Travel 2020

Marche region ranks 2nd in the top ten

Italy is in Best in Travel 2020: Marche is ranked second in the year's list of regions to visit.

Best in Travel is a magazine that maps the best unknown destinations worth visiting each year. It covers a total of 30 locations, evenly distributed across countries, cities, and regions. For each edition, they are chosen by the guides' contributors from all over the world to provide us with the authentic pioneer spirit that inspired Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler. There's also Italy in Best in Travel 2020, with Marche ranking second on the list of regions to visit.

After decades on the sidelines, Marche is finally ready to take the stage. The region was thrust into the spotlight in 2020, when one of its most evocative cities, Urbino, hosted the 500th anniversary of the death of the great Renaissance painter Raphael.

Now is the ideal time to set out to explore an amazing land that is, in many ways, still unknown.

And one of the reasons for its popularity is the ability to explore majestic Roman ruins, soaring Gothic architecture, remarkable medieval castles, and sublime Renaissance palaces that house some of Italy's most valuable art collections.

All are surrounded by high forested mountains, the picturesque Adriatic coastline and dotted with delicious food festivals.

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