• Choose the number of guests
  • Adults 14 yrs +
  • Children 0-2 yrs
  • Children 3-13 yrs

Conference halls which hold up to 80 and can be organised according to you needs.

The Raffaello Hotel is the perfect venue in which to organise your events, conferences, seminars, meetings or training projects.

The conference centre can guarantee the highest level of efficiency and project flexibilty, to the highest technological standards with all the advantages the location has, in which en event or a meeting can become very special and enjoyable moments.

We have 3 areas: The meeting room, the conference room and the dining hall which all have natural lighting and can be organised according to your needs.

Each room has all the neccessary equipment, for the perfect running of your event.

To make your events perfect, we can offer you a vast choice of solutions for a light lunch, a coffe break, a gala dinner, before dinner or welcome drinks.

Everything you need to give the maximum satisfaction, both professionally and gastronomically.

Discover the Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room

Principal characteristics

  • Maximum 15 person capacity
  • Coffee Break or Catering optional
  • Ideal for Job Interviews or presentations
Interview Room

Technical Data

  • Length: 6,60 mt
  • Width: 3,50 mt
  • Surfaces: 23 square metres

Type of set-up

  • Imperial table: max 15 person capacity
Interview Room

Conference Room

Principal Features

  • Maximum 80 person capacity
  • Video projector
  • Microphone system built-in
  • Coffee Break or Catering optional
  • Ideal for Conferences
Meeting Room

Technical Data

  • Length: 14,20 mt
  • Width: min 6,55 mt - max 8,10 mt
  • Height: 2,70 mt
  • Mirrored dividing wall: 8 metres with spotlights
  • Dividing walls: Wood effect
  • Lighting: Artificial
  • Electrical sockets: 3 sockets around the room and 6 on the speaker's table
  • Entrances: One door of 80x207 cm, one door of 118x204 cm
  • Other: Independent Air-conditioning system.
Meeting Rooms

Type of set-up

  • Stage without flaps: 80 person capacity
  • Stage with flaps: max 44 person capacity
  • Imperial table: max 46 person capacity
  • Horseshoe: max 40 person capacity (lit internal passage: 70 cm)
  • School desks: 36 person capacity (18 tables 80 cm wide and 120 cm long)
  • For exhibiting: 47 mt linear covers for tables - 80 cm wide
  • Speaker's table: with or without platform for a maximum of 4 + 1 with the addition of a music/speaker stand.
Meeting Rooms

Coffee Break

The Coffee break is a very important moment for the success of your conference, your talk or the presentation of a product. Not only will your guests be able to recharge their energy and thefore pay more attention to your presentation, but it can also be a moment for connecting and getting feedback on what your event.

The staff at The Raffaello Hotel is available at any time to help you organise your events. They will prepare whatever you prefer, sweet or savoury choices and all kinds of hot or cold drinks you wish to serve.

Coffee Break

Light LunchMake your event unique with a Gourmet touch

At your service with spacious rooms in which to set up a light lunch, with direct access to the conference hall, to make your event really exclusive.

Apart from the first floor terrace overlooking the wood, we could organise your light lunch on the rooftop terrace next to the swimming pool, or you could opt for a welcoming area of the Hall or in the internal restaurant.

Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to amaze your guests with all the professionality of our staff.

Light Lunch

Organise whatever you like

For business meetings or your own personal special moments

  • Light Lunch

    Support during your meetings, conferences and office parties.
  • Coffee Break

    Coffee Break with sweet or savoury choices and all kinds of hot or cold drinks you wish to serve.
  • Conventions and conferences

    Fully equipped meeting rooms and conference halls with catering and coffee break service.
  • Wedding

  • Discover more

Near the sea, conveniently located in the Centre of town

Arrive at the hotel and forget about your car. The location of The Raffaello Hotel allows you to reach the beach and the centre of Senigallia in less than 2 minutes on foot. Isn't that Great?

  • The Beach - 1 min on foot
  • The Centre of town - 1 min on foot
  • The Railway station - 2 mins on foot
  • The Bus station - 2 mins on foot
  • The Rotunda on the beach - 4 mins on foot
  • Rocca Roveresca - 3 mins on foot

The Raffaello Hotel, the centre of your stay

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